Stage B, our Foley recording studio at the Rick Chace Film Center, is available for rental. This 600 square foot room has a 16’ by 9’ screen and a variety of pits and floor surfaces. Directly off the stage is a 500 square foot dedicated prop room, fully stocked with all of the props required for a feature film Foley session, and a “green room” with space for clients and guests to meet without disturbing the work in the control room.

Stage B can accommodate any size job from Internet “webisode” to big budget feature film. Projects such as The Incredible Hulk (2008), Black Snake Moan, and the Emmy award winning TV series Mad Men are but a few of the hundreds of shows have utilized Stage B for Foley recording.

The stage has Pro Tools® HD with back-up DTRS recorders, Sennheiser and Neumann microphones, a variety of high-quality pre-amps, and support for every professional SD and HD frame-rate video playback.

Call 800.842.8346 for availability.

Click here to view the Stage B floor plan with dimensions.