Professional sound servicing requires a lot of drive space for multiple files that can be difficult to manage. Chace has developed efficient methods to effectively handle the vast amount of data that streams through our facility.

Our SAN (Storage Area Network) provides the backbone for the Chace digital infrastructure; we can ingest data from virtually any digital media format in the history of audio recording and convert it into file formats used by today’s workstations. Once it is in our secure environment, all data is protected and managed to allow our engineers to work efficiently. When a project is completed, we can migrate it to any digital media format chosen by our clients.

Maintaining, verifying, and migrating data is critical for its long-term preservation. Chace offers an affordable and comprehensive Digital Asset Program that includes duplicate data copies in geographically separated locations, metadata services, periodic data verification, and routine migration to new media. For more information please contact our client services staff.