Chace offers two environments for commentary recording and ADR/voice-over sessions. The larger of the two spaces, Stage B, is also available for rental by the day.

This 600 square foot space, located at the Rick Chace Film Center, can accommodate up to eight commentators and features a large 16’ by 9’ projection screen. Clint Eastwood (Piano Blues), Barry Sonnenfeld (R.V.), and the comedy team of David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker (Police Squad) are among the many directors, writers, and actors who have used Chace’s Stage B for their recording sessions.

Stage B features Pro Tools® HD with back-up DTRS recorders, Sennheiser, and Neumann microphones, a variety of high-quality pre-amps, and support for every professional SD and HD frame-rate video playback. Remote session recording or playback is available via Source Connect.

Stage B is also an ideal space for videotaping commentary sessions. It has easy load-in access for video crews and ample space for cameras to set-up.

Call 800.842.8346 for rental availability.

Click here to view the Stage B floor plan with dimensions.