Audio restoration has been a Chace specialty from the beginning. Our talented engineers have restored tens of thousands of films and television programs. Our goal is to remove the effects of deterioration from recorded media while maintaining the historic audio signature and authenticity of the material.

Chace has the most advanced audio restoration workstations available and continue to test and evaluate the latest tools and methodologies.

We are proud to be the exclusive provider of Clarity™ Audio Restoration by Plangent Processes, one of the most effective restoration tools for magnetic analog material available today. This patented process begins with a high-resolution audio transfer that captures original bias frequencies; these are then used to “re-time” the program material. The results are greater audible depth and transparency as well as the repair of wow and flutter from the original recording. The correction of these anomalies, caused by the mechanical components of analog recording, provides a stable starting point for further restoration processing and enables the use of less intrusive processing techniques. The outcome is a track that is truer to the original and is far less fatiguing to the ear.

For more information about Clarity please contact us.

Chace has four audio restoration suites, Studios J, K, N, and W. Studios J and K feature Sonic Solutions and Soundblade workstations, while Studios N and W feature Cube-tec AC-5 (Audio Cube) workstations.