Chace Digital Stereo® (CDS) – patent #4,792,974 – creates true directional Lt/Rt, 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 multi-channel stereo from mono and stereo sources. This technology has been used on over one thousand motion pictures and television programs including classics such as The Wizard of Oz, Singin’ in the Rain, Goldfinger, the entire original Mission: Impossible TV series, Blazing Saddles, Taxi Driver, and more.

CDS® is the only upmixing technology available that creates true multi-channel stereo with dynamic panning and a realistic stereo environment from mono source material without "sweetening" the audio. This means that audiences aren’t listening to newly cut sound effects or machine-determined frequency manipulation. Instead, they can enjoy the original soundtrack realistically presented in surround sound.

In simplest terms, the CDS process is akin to audio animation. The CDS engineer creates a stereo sound design on a frame-by-frame basis by manipulating up to 18 different parameters 60 times per second. This work is done “off-line” without the need for an expensive mixing studio. The final mix, or “on-line” session, is done on our re-recording stage or in one of our near field mix rooms. Even though the event decision list (EDL) for the entire track is “programmed” in the off-line stage, the CDS engineer can make adjustments during the final mix to modify the sound design or operate the system in real time to satisfy client requirements.

Additionally, because a “sound design program” is written for every CDS mix, new multi-channel soundtracks for mono programs qualify for a derivative copyright, providing content owners the opportunity to extend the life of their aging assets. CDS is the only audio process available that can qualify a mono soundtrack for copyright renewal in its new stereo format.

DVD demo discs with before and after examples are available upon request.