In 1985, founder Rick Chace developed and patented the Chace Optical Sound Processor (COSP™), a technology with the ability to playback optical sound track negatives in real time. The COSP has since gained worldwide recognition for its ability to achieve transfer results comparable to those obtained by making expensive track prints for sound transfer.

In 2007, Chace released its latest generation of COSP technology, the COSP-Xi™ (Chace Optical Sound Processor eXtended intelligence). With its high-resolution scanning and sophisticated user interface, the COSP-Xi can correct a variety of problems that even track printing cannot resolve. There is no longer the need to incur the expense of printing a track in order to transfer it, thereby eliminating the headache of juggling lab and transfer facility schedules on projects with tight deadlines.

Positives, negatives, V/A (Variable Area), V/D (Variable Density), 35mm, 16mm, and 17.5mm optical formats are all supported.

Find out why Chace is the facility that governments, motion picture studios, and private archives rely on when it comes to optical sound track negative transfers.