DA88 (DTRS) and DAT cassettes commonly exhibit playback errors and incompatibility problems as they age. Tapes from the 80s, 90s, and the early 2000s can be riddled with errors; issues can even appear in those made in the last five years. These errors manifest themselves as digital clicks, ticks, and even worse, complete audio mutes. These problems are the result of stock deterioration, misalignment, or poorly maintained recorders.

Chace can resuscitate these tapes with our DTRS / DAT Recovery Process. This proprietary technology allows our engineers to recover the audio by manipulating the tracking, RF envelope, tape guide alignment, and other out-of-specification recording problems. We can also prepare a time code report detailing locations of significant errors on the defective tape for later review.

Many master recordings that were made on these formats are now exhibiting playback problems. These tapes do not need to be considered a loss. The Chace DA88 / DAT Recovery Process allows for the migration of the audio from these formats so it will be available for future use.

(Please note that this process is currently only available for standard 16-bit DTRS and DAT cassettes; 24-bit DTRS-HR [High Resolution] cassettes cannot be accommodated at this time).