Stage B, our Foley recording studio at the Rick Chace Film Center, is a 600 square foot room with a 16’ by 9’ screen and a variety of pits and floor surfaces. Directly off the stage is a 500 square foot dedicated prop room, fully stocked with all of the props required for a feature film Foley session, and a “green room” with space for clients and guests to meet without disturbing the work in the control room. Stage B is also available for rental.

For smaller sessions, a 110 square foot Foley booth is adjacent to Studio E, one of our near field mixing studios.

Both rooms have Pro Tools® HD with back-up DTRS recorders, Sennheiser and Neumann microphones, a variety of high-quality pre-amps, and support for every professional SD and HD frame-rate video playback.

Click here to view the Stage B floor plan with dimensions.