Having another set of ears listen to a recording can be the key to discerning anomalies that may have been overlooked throughout the production of a soundtrack. Chace engineers are trained to exacting standards to ensure that any anomalies, whether stemming from production, stock issues, machine alignment, reference problems, digital conversion, processing, the editorial process, dubbing, mixing, or print mastering stages of soundtrack creation, are noted in detail for client review.

At Chace, we’ve worked with media spanning the history of film sound – from Vitaphone discs, optical tracks, 6-track magnetic theatrical film, all the way through today’s 7.1 digital surround sound. This gives us a unique perspective whether we are QCing newly created deliverables for yet-to-be-released acquisitions, verifying that sources meet proper technical specifications, or revisiting decades old material. Chace engineers have the experience to analyze and interpret anomalies that might have been induced recently or several generations prior to the recording of the existing source.

With over a dozen studios available for QC, we can accommodate fast turn around and will deliver a detailed report with anomaly descriptions and locations.