About Us

The new millennium brought a bounty of new processes to round out the transfer services at Chace.

Clarity Audio Restoration (Clarity™) by Plangent Processes has the ability to correct "wow" and "flutter" recorded into magnetic sources. “Wow” and “flutter” are most easily recognized in sustained musical notes or other sustained sounds in which the pitch warbles or is unsteady. These anomalies were previously not considered repairable, but the Clarity™ DSP is able to stabilize the sound, resulting in a more accurate and less fatiguing listening experience. Oklahoma!, Young Frankenstein, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind are some of the films that have benefited from this unique restoration process.

The Chace DA88/DAT Recovery Process can bring new life into error prone DA88 DTRS tapes and DAT cassettes. Even over a short period of time, these elements can exhibit high error rates upon playback that result in mutes and dropouts. Chace Audio’s DA-88/DAT Recovery Process is able to play back cassettes that may be considered unrecoverable at other facilities.

The Multi-Function Magnetic Cleaning Machine (MFCM) is yet another example of Chace ingenuity. This proprietary device combines several magnetic cleaning functions to address the issues of film deterioration due to Vinegar Syndrome. It replaces the arduous and time consuming task of cleaning film by hand, saving both labor and expense.

Chace technicians continue to develop chemical and mechanical processes to counteract or halt asset deterioration long enough to enable one final transfer of important sound masters. Thom-Slick™ is an anti friction lubricant developed to deal with severe emulsion decomposition on magnetic sound film. Soft emulsions can cause head clogs on playback equipment and result in dull and lifeless sounding tracks. By reducing the coefficient of friction at the playback head, Thom-Slick® allows a high quality transfer to be achieved in a single pass.