About Us

Chace is one of a handful of audio facilities that offers services spanning the entire life of a project from recording Foley and ADR to repurposing theatrical audio for DVD/Blu-ray® Disc multi-channel configurations. Improvements made to the facility at the start of our third decade were designed to make these early and late stages of a project’s life more comfortable and efficient for all involved.

Starting in 2004, Stage B - our 600 square foot Foley/ADR space - was remodeled to include a green room and an attached prop storage facility. Our experienced editors work with leading industry Foley artists to ensure the highest level of quality in the shortest amount of time for projects of all sizes. The stage is large enough to accommodate multi-participant commentary sessions as well. Foley for Black Snake Moan, Lord of War, Hulk (2008), and the TV series Mad Men has been recorded at Stage B, as has commentary for This is Spinal Tap, Blade Runner, and The Odd Couple (original TV series).

Chace also completed renovations to Studios G, H, and R in this period to make client supervision of multi-channel DVD and Blu-ray Disc® near field mixes more comfortable. Improvements included elevated platforms for client viewing, living-room style seating, new flooring, HD plasma displays, and video projection. Recent projects completed in sister studios G and H include 7.1 mixes of Be Kind, Rewind, Mr. Woodcock, and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, as well as near field mixes of The Notebook, Boyz n the Hood, Pleasantville, and Blade: The Series. Near field projects completed in Studio R include mixing multi-channel soundtracks for A Man for All Seasons, Dr. No, and the Mission: Impossible, CSI, and Twin Peaks TV Series.