About Us

With its reputation for doing low-cost, high-quality audio laybacks established, the company set about developing specialized equipment. February 1985 saw the development of the Chace Optical Sound Processor® (COSP) for playback of optical sound track negatives. This process was the first commercially accepted method for the transfer of optical sound track negatives and saved Chace clients the cost of making expensive track prints in order to successfully play back the audio.

Not much later, the explosive growth of stereo broadcast television spurred the development of Chace Surround Stereo™ in 1986. The awarding of a patent for the Chace Surround Stereo™ processor came two years later in 1988. To date, over 1000 feature films and other programs have been converted from mono sources into true directional stereo including Gone with the Wind, The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951), The Godfather, and Halloween (1978). Today Chace Digital Stereo® can transform mono, stereo, or LCRS sources into fully-directional 5.1 or 6.1 audio.


Click below to see a video of Rick Chace describing the original CSS™ process.