About Us

Nick Beljic has worked at Chace Audio longer than anyone else on our staff - including Vice-President of Audio, Bob Heiber! After cutting his teeth as a sound editor, recording engineer, and re-recording mixer on a number of low-budget independent productions, Nick joined Chace in 1990. He has since has gone on to become one of Chace’s most skillful and accomplished engineers.

At Chace, Nick has mixed theatrical releases like Major Dundee: Extended Version, The Manson Family, and Hoboken Hollow in Chace’s theatrical dubbing stage, the Rick Chace Theatre. In Studio E, a near field mix suite, he has mixed television projects including HBO’s Pinochet in Suburbia and series such as the first season of Cops. For home video, Nick has remixed films including a 5.1 upmix of The French Connection supervised by director William Friedkin and the Showtime special Liza with a Z.

Despite the number of high profile projects with which he has been associated over the years, Nick insists, in a statement tinged with his trademark wit, that the highlight of his career occurred when Space Mutiny - a low-budget sci-fi film and one of Nick’s first professional credits - became an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.